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Natural gas fuel conversion rebate from Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

If you are heating your home and domestic hot water with electricity you may be paying 250% more for fuel than necessary.

Switch to eco-friendly natural gas, get up to $3,550 back

If you're a current PSE residential electric customer and live within a natural gas service area, switching your space and water heating to affordable, reliable natural gas could earn you a rebate of up to $3,550.

Natural gas has reached its lowest prices in over a decade.

Beginning November 1, 2015 PSE residential gas rates are dropping by approximately 16 percent, reaching the lowest they've been since 2004. Now is the time to find out about converting your equipment to natural gas.

What you get

The value of your natural gas fuel conversion rebate depends on your current type of space and/or water heating, your current heating equipment and your annual electricity usage:

Current Heating EquipmentWater Heat Only Conversion RebateSpace Heat Only Conversion RebateSpace and Water Heat Conversion Rebate
Electric forced-air space heat Up to $950 Up to $2,000 Up to $2,950
Electric baseboard space heat Up to $950 Up to $2,600 Up to $3,550

The Seattle Plumbing Company can assist you getting through the paperwork and equipment choices on these rebates from PSE.

Call  us if you need help with evaluating your energy conversions.


November 2015 updated

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