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Gas Piping in Seattle

 gas flame

Seattle Plumbing Company has licensed gas mechanics available every workday. If you need natural gas piping work done please call our dispatcher and he will put you on the schedule. A gas technician license is required for all mechanics doing gas work in the City of Seattle.

  • New Gas Installations - New gas piping from the gas meter to your gas appliances
  • Remodeling - Add a gas stove or convert from electric
  • Repair - Find and repair gas leaks, troubleshoot gas boilers and furnaces

Materials we use for gas piping are black iron pipe, flexible stainless steel (TracPipe) or copper. Stainless steel gas piping is probably used the most nowadays. Black iron pipe is still used where ridgid piping is desired, for example, outside.

Info on Trac-pipe (Link)