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Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard Neighborhoods

We charge a $49.95 per 1/4 hour on your job. - NO additional travel charges apply.

Seattle North within the City limits

$125 the first 1/4 hour on your job then $49.95 per 1/4 hour thereafter. - NO additional travel charges apply.

Downtown and South Seattle

Portal to Portal - $199 per hour - Time starts when we leave the shop (in Magnolia/Interbay) near the Ballard Bridge


Yes, we do bid on larger jobs.

Call us to discuss your plumbing or heating issue - its FREE Call 206 281-8855

Our normal working hours are  Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on scheduled non-contract work

We have the lowest show-up rate in our neighborhood. It allows us to give accurate estimates of your job. The diagnostic charge should allow us to diagnose the problem and give you an intelligent estimate of the cost of your repair or project. All jobs will be estimated there on the spot if possible and you may accept or refuse the quote. We are a family owned shop and all our plumbers are very good at doing their job.  If you have any questions please call the shop and talk to Evan.

Most rooter companies are now advertising as plumbing companies and some will come to your house for free but watch out!

We have the lowest "show-up/diagnostic" rate in Seattle, as far as we know, for a real licensed plumber or heat technician to come to your home and check out and/or fix the problem.

We need and like our customers. You can trust our diagnosis and estimate of what is needed.


Once we see the project we should be able to discuss with you what, in our opinion, needs to be done and an estimate of how much it will cost. We don't like surprises any more than you do.

We have no salesmen here.

We charge by the quarter hour plus any parts.

If you want a flat-rate or firm price we will give you one if possible - just ask.

Feel free to call the shop and talk to us about how much typical repairs, remodel, re-piping, water heaters or any plumbing or heating issues normally cost. Phone estimates and/or advice is free.

If we can help you fix it yourself , we will. If you need us, we will come. If you hire us, you will get a skilled licensed plumber that knows what he is talking about.


Contract,commercial, heating, water heater and boiler work is charged differently. We are happy to give free estimates on major work (typically $2000.00 or more) including re-piping with copper or PEX, new bath additions, boiler replacement, etc. If you need a free estimate on smaller jobs we will be happy to give you an estimate over the phone based upon the information you give us. Keep in mind that estimates are only estimates to our best ability. Estimates are not contract pricing and are not binding. Plumbing repairs can quickly "turn for the worse" when old parts fail or conditions change upon further inspection.

Travel charges may apply outside our base service area.  Please manage both your time and ours wisely by being home when an appointment time or window has been set. If we get stiffed on an appointment we generally will not re-book. We will bill for the minimum service call if nobody is home at the appointed time.

Equipment Charges - Some services require the use of specialized equipment which we charge for on a per-use basis:

Main Line sewer snake 3" - 6" lines up to 100 total feet in length - $85.00

1.5 - 2.0 inch drain lines beyond 15 feet length to 75 feet length - $35.00 (mid size motorized snake)

1.5 - 2.0 inch drain lines less than 15 feet length - $10.00 (electric drill snake)

Sewer equipment is expensive and requires constant maintenance to insure reliability. There is extra time spent cleaning & repairing these machines.

CO & CO2 analysis equipment (heating work) $75.00

Transmitter/Receiver pipe locator $75.00

Sewer Camera - We have the latest sewer camera equipment with recording capability onto a dvd. We charge $325.00 to camera a sewer line. The price includes a professional evaluation of what is seen with the camera.

Caution: Rooter companies are increasingly using the camera to convince unwary homeowners to dig up their sewer lines unnecessarily. We will give you a second opinion and charge you $150 for a second opinion (camera only). 

Only authorized persons may order work

Only the property owner or their agent (manager) can request service on the property. W do not knowingly do work without the owner being made aware of the work being done to their property. If you are a tenant, you must get the owner or owners' agent to give us authorization. If the owner cannot be reached and it is an emergency, you must tell us that you are not the owner and explain the situation. We assume that if you call us and request service that you are the owner. If you give us the work order, you are responsible for the bill! If you call us and order the work - you pay us - we do not bill third parties - including landlords. We do not usually extend credit to anybody except the Pope and a few local property management accounts. The bill must be paid when we are done unless credit has been established prior to the work order. Checks, Cash, Visa, MC are OK. If you are a single mother with 5 kids, or a senior citizen, have no heat, no hot water, no money and no job - talk to Evan - miracles have been known to happen......

We normally work Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 5:30. We usually have a plumber on-call Saturday.
We only maintain a single service man on Saturday (when we have a man available) and he gets booked quickly.. We do monitor the phones during off hours.
We are willing to work off hours when we can - however, we are not always available after hours. Leave a message if we do not answer or if after hours, we do not call you back in 30 minutes assume that we are gone or booked up until the next normal business day. If you are flooding - call another plumber if you have to or call the fire department. We are small neighborhood service guys - we can not be everything to everybody everyday at any hour (even though we try).

Sorry, but blocked phone numbers will almost always get routed to voicemail as we are getting 100's of unsolicited telemarketers that tie up our phones. So if you want a live person to answer - unblock your phone if possible!

We only have one man answering the phone so if you get dropped into voicemail during the day we are on another line. We will call you back, typically within minutes.



We guarantee the quality of our work for 1 year. (This does not mean that we guarrantee that a washer change-out on a faucet will last a year as we have no control over how long a washer will last in your old faucet. We warrant that it was installed properly). All plumbing parts are guaranteed for 90 days against defects except electrical parts. Electrical appliances and devices are not warranted by us - but most manufacturers have warrantees. (We have no control over the performance of electrical parts - but we will assist getting replacements if needed). Most water heaters have replacement only tank warrantees for leakage past the first year by the manufacturer, typically 6 years.

If you buy a water heater from us we give you a year warranty including labor. It doesn't get any better than that.

There is no warrantee on customer-supplied items. If you want a material and labor warrantee on a garbage disposer or faucet then you should buy it from us. When you supply the part YOU are responsible for paying any labor charges if it has to be repaired or replaced.

There is no warranty on drain cleaning. We open a clogged drain but can not guarantee that it won't plug up again.

There is no warranty on sump pumps or sewage ejectors. The warranty supplied by the manufacturer is the only warranty offered. When they foul - they fail. We have no control regarding the life of pumps in these conditions. All time spent on sump and sewage pumps is chargable as we have no control over the conditions they are subject to.

Updated November 2018  - The Seattle Plumbing Company® is a U..S. Registered Trademark