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Rated Best in Seattle by

The Seattle Post Intelligencer!

It would appear that small local shops with the owners name on it are a good bet for customer satisfaction.

What is obvious about the difference between the best and worst rated plumbers is the size of the shop. The best rated are small local shops and the worst are large shops. It isn't about price. It is about quality of the mechanic and the business model used.

Small shops know that their names are on the invoice and that the owner is personally responsible for the work and the customers opinion regarding the work done. There is a real relationship between the owner and the customer with a small local plumbing shop.

We think our customers would rather have the invoice come out lower than the phone estimate. We try to make that happen.


Best plumbers in Seattle

We do not agree that we are 2% above average in the field however. I think that we tend to quote higher on the phone than most when asked for a phone estimate. Some shops tend to low-ball the cost on the phone and charge more later.

Note that Pioneer Plumbing is a tradename being used by Fischer Plumbing.

Seattle PI Thursday November 17, 2005