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Buderus Hot Water Boilers

The residential models -- G234X, GA124, G215, and G124X -- have durable GL-180M high-silicone cast iron construction intended to prevent thermal shock and corrosion and to enhance heat exchange. These models can be converted to burn propane and feature AFUEs of up to 85%.

The commercial models have a higher BTU output. A full 3-pass flue ensures greater heat transfer, and a thermal shock-proof design promotes safety regardless of water temperature.

Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Visit Energy Star's Website For a Complete Listing of Tax Credits:

Eligible property and maximum credit amounts are as follows: natural gas, propane, or oil water heaters [$300];
natural gas, propane, or oil furnace or hot water boilers [$150]

Buderus GB142 Wall Hung boilers are the perfect central heating source for your home when super-high efficiency (96%) is desired. Approved for residential & commercial applications. Useful for space heating and/or domestic hot water applications. Frequently used for combination systems with an indirect tank added. State-of-the-art design. Power vented with closed combustion chamber. Utilizes advanced condensing technology. Minimal clearance requirements for tremendous installation flexibility. Closed combustion and power vented. Color brochure GB142 boiler

Buderus G124X boilers are available in natural gas or easily converted to propane. Efficiency ratings of 84.3%. High efficiency atmospheric gas boiler. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 53,000 BTU/Hr to 96,000 BTU/Hr. This is old reliable. Non-condensing. It is an atmospheric design which draws the air it needs from the surrounding space. It is an open burner design. It must vent to a vertial chimney. It is quiet (though not silent). It is a good choice in a traditional cast iron residential boiler replacement. It has modern efficiency engineered into it however and has Honeywell controls (which we like). We have installed many of these over the years here in Seattle.Color brochure GXseries boilers available

Buderus GA124 boilers are designed for single or multiple famliy homes and guarantee reliable heating for many years. Sealed combustion and draft induced venting design. Very quiet running (virtually silent to my experience). Direct vent uses air from outside and side vents combustion gases. Efficiency ratings of 85%+ . Very popular for use in finished basements where silent operation is desirable. Very reliable. Solid sate controller. Color brochure GA series boiler available


Buderus GA244 boilers offer a whisper quiet operation with intergrated draft inducer. Whisper quiet operation with integrated draft inducer. Designed to resist thermal shock for long life. Front accessible controls . Heavy duty medium sized house or small commecial unit. The GA244 Boiler is available in natural gas or propane, and feature AFUE ratings up to 85.2% for high efficiency and top performance. Stainless steel premixed factory tested burners allow for low emissions, and a full 3 inches of thermal insulation virtually eliminates standby losses and stack temperature losses. 3 sizes available - 156,000 Btu/hr to 259,000 Btu/hr
Color brochure GA series boiler available


Buderus GC124 boiler is a compact, easy to install boiler with all the features and benefits Buderus customers have come to expect as it fits many older residential small boiler change-outs.

The GC124 is manufactured with Buderus’ patented GL180M Flexible Cast Iron for maximum corrosion resistance and unique stainless steel premix burners. Standard equipment includes high precision castings with threaded steel nipples, Honeywell aquastat, tridicator gauge, 30 psi relief valve and a circulator with a 3’ whip and a built in draft hood with integral draft diverter.

Shipped ready for natural gas operation, the GC124 is easily field converted to LP gas operation using optional conversion kit. Convenient side piping design makes the GC124 the ideal boiler for replacement applications. Capable of delivering AFUE efficiencies up to 84%, the GC124 is available in 3 size with inputs of 74,000, 103,000 and 132,000 BTUH. Color brochure GC124 boiler available

Buderus G234X construction consists of flexible GL-180M cast iron, designed to resist thermal shock for long life and a high silicone cast iron surface for excellent corrosion resistance. Large homes and commercial applications are a good fit for this boler. It has staggered contoured fins for optimum heat transfer and efficient operation, precision push nipples sectional construction and deluxe, heavy gauge blue enameled jack for a clean finished appearance. There is a full 3” of thermal insulation for minimal standby heat losses coupled with an integral draft diverter for low profile. All models are easily converted to propane. The G234X offers low emissions with Premixed Burner Technology. Durable, quiet and efficient, Buderus boilers are designed for many years of trouble-free operation.301,000 Btu/hr to 542,000 Btu/hr
Color brochure G234x available