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Please note that we ONLY provide service within the Seattle City Limits

We prefer Bradford-White water heaters but we may utilize others including Rheem, AO Smith, State, American, Ruud, when needed.

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Interested in tankless water heaters?

Prices include new pressure & temperature relief valve, new copper flex water heater connectors. Some models include heat traps. They do not include earthquake strapping, pans, expansion tanks or axillary piping work. The prices quoted are for exact replacement in very accessable location such as a garage. 

Please note that expansion tanks are NOT required in the City of Seattle (They are required in the county however). Many companies, especially the ones with full page ads in the yellow pages, are quoting low prices on the phone then jacking the price up after they arrive by telling the customer that expansion tanks are required by city code. Don't believe it!


We have some creative options on high recovery commercial water heating utilizing some high tech water makers that can make expensive 5 year replacements obsolete.

Updated June2008.

Extra costs if applicable: extra man required, old tank disposal ($50.00 minimum or $1.00 per gallon capacity whichever is greater), moving things out of the way, protecting carpets if heater must travel through house, replacing faulty pipes or valves, new flue pipes, troubleshooting electrical wiring problems, running new drains, new water heater pans, modifications required by code, new earthquake strapping. There is an extra charge for travel to a job outside of our no travel charge area - $31.25 per ¼ hour travel time. If possible, we will notify you of any apparent extra costs before we do the work if you ask. Most residential jobs do not incur extra costs.

Although most new water heaters have a shorter life expectancy than they did 30 years ago, they have maintained a relatively low cost. Thirty years ago the average life of a water heater was probably 15 - 20 years. Today a tank will probably spring a leak in 8 - 12 years. We have attempted to insure that we have a range of water heaters to fit our customers needs. For example you can make your water heater decision based upon price or quality. Buy a cheap water heater with a limited life expectancy if tank cost is your priority. Buy a top of the line water heater if the water heater is in a location that will cause water damage to floors, carpets, ceilings below etc.

The truth about warranties : Water heater manufacturers warrant tank replacement only. If the tank is defective and leaks in 18 months you have to pay a plumber (or do it yourself) to disconnect the heater and haul it down to the wholesaler or retailer and exchange it for a new one (then re-install it). Warranties typically are also prorated depending upon how long it lasted compared to the warranty. If you have a 10 year limited warranty and it fails on the 9th year you get a 10% credit on the tank cost only towards a new heater. Would you really want to buy another heater from that company if you thought they should give you a new one? Another thing that bugs us is that there is typically no difference between a tank with a 6 year warranty and one with a twelve year warranty!! The twelve year warranty has a sticker applied to it - that's it! Do you really want to pay $100 for a sticker and then have to pay the plumber to change the water-heater? The labor costs more than most heaters. Needless to say we do not think much of most manufacturers warranties. Some are better than others though so you might want to discuss the subject with us before you purchase. For example we really do have a lifetime warranty available for many types of tanks really have long life.

We are licensed plumbers with a boiler specialty license. We are licensed gas fitters. If you want a pro to handle your hot water heating needs, please call us first or if that fails - call us last. We do not sell on commission.